RISE with SAP: Buyer's FAQ & Checklist 


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What you need to know when building your RISE with SAP solution

SAP does what it should do when debuting a new service offering it discloses to customers exactly what RISE with SAP will and will not support. However, this leaves the responsibility for due diligence with the customer. Unfortunately, many enterprises simply don’t have the IT bandwidth (or in some cases the right internal expertise) to parse RISE with SAP disclosures/documentation and know to ask the basic questions.

As leading SAP managed service provider, we want to help customers on their digital transformation journey, whether that is via a RISE with SAP solution or through direct managed services support. Managecore’s advisory services shine a bright light on the process of assessing and purchasing RISE with SAP—helping customers formulate the right questions to ask their SAP account executive and walking them through the answers.

We can turn the due diligence process from an exercise in uncertainty into a truly enlightening journey and help SAP customers spot and assess the “unknown unknowns” that can otherwise derail the  RISE implementation process.

That is why we put together this checklist of questions so you can feel prepared to make critical decisions associated with buying, and implementing a RISE with SAP solution.

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     SAP recognizes the need for customers to align with partners to help achieve instant value and sustain long-term success. Therefore, the SAP partner ecosystem has been put in the center of the

    RISE with SAP solution. What Managecore provides to our customers are building
    blocks and stability of one of their most important ERP assets
    their SAP system.

    Having a solid foundation is then a catalyst to open the port to
    innovation for the business.




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