GCP Applied Technologies Success Story: 

Increasing IT Flexibility for innovation in manufacturing by RISE with SAP® in the Google Cloud 


Read the case study of how GCP Applied Technologies migrated its SAP workloads and other IT processes to Google Cloud with the help of Managecore for enhanced efficiency, security, and scalability.

GCPAT faced a hard deadline to move its data center and used the migration as an opportunity to rethink how it managed IT operations by going from on-prem to the cloud. "When I came on board, we wanted to take a fresh look and see just how much more value we could create by going beyond just lifting and shifting our data center," says Robyn McCall, CIO. 

Once the decision was made to operate in a cloud-based infrastructure, GCPAT discussed the migration with SAP and was introduced to the RISE with SAP program, an accelerator to shift SAP systems onto cloud systems.

"Google Cloud came highly recommended, with SAP mentioning that they run their SAP environment on Google Cloud," says Robyn. "Additionally, they brought Managecore to the table, which made a big difference. The combination of SAP, Managecore, and Google Cloud gave us confidence that we could pull off this massive transformation in a relatively short period of time."

Managecore helped to bridge all of the various gaps with respect to process and technology integrations that are relatively standard when shifting from on-prem to the cloud. As the project took shape with Managecore's help, the benefits of optimizing SAP systems on Google Cloud became clear, GCP AT leveraged ManagecoreiQ+ for migration support and ongoing supplemental RISE with SAP managed services support. 

"We were able to help GCPAT complete this migration so quickly thanks to the power and ease of using Google Cloud. A lot of people will think these timelines are not feasible or projects of this scope can't be done quickly and correctly, but Managecore's knowledge and Google Cloud's flexibility makes anything possible." Frank Powell, President of Managecore. 

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Post Cloud Migration Results:

  • Migrated entire SAP footprint to Google Cloud in 6 months
  • Enables consolidation of applications through standardization and rationalization to reduce costs and drive IT efficiency
  • Improves data center security by migrating from on-prem to modern cloud infrastructure
  • Supports faster operating system patching and issue resolution with enhanced monitoring
  • Paves way for dynamic shift toward S/4HANA on Google Cloud

  • GCPAT leverages ManagecoreiQ+ RISE with SAP Companion Suite to complete their RISE with SAP support services long-term



  • quote 

    Managecore delivered our highly successful RISE with SAP solution on Google Cloud rapidly, on-time and on budget, with no business disruption.
    We now have the Cloud and IT foundation to keep up with our business growth. 


    - Robyn McCall,

    Chief Information Officer, GCP Applied Technologies

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