GCP Applied Technologies Success Story: 

Digital Transformation Journey Migrating Enterprise Applications to the Cloud with Managecore


Read the case study of how GCP Applied Technologies completed a full digital transformation by decommissioning several data centers into one Cloud solution with the project leadership of Managecore

GCP Applied Technologies (GCP AT) faced a hard deadline to migrate all of its enterprise applications (SAP included) out of traditional data centers. GCP AT’s Chief Information Officer Robyn McCall took this as an opportunity to rethink the company’s approach to managed IT operations and on-prem hosting solutions.

Due to Managecore’s existing Cloud knowledge and strong industry reputation for 100% customer success Managecore quickly became GCP AT’s top choice. Not only to perform the Cloud migration project which included fully consolidating data centers, but also to provide managed services support to their applications running in the Cloud thereafter. The successful completion of this migration to the Cloud put GCP AT in a position for future IT growth which is a critical function to support their expanding business.

"The migration to a Cloud based solution immediately improved our business agility and created a strong foundation for future IT growth. Our IT and business leadership is pleased  with our decision to consolidate and migrate to the Cloud with Managecore’s help," said Robyn McCall Chief Information Officer. 

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Post Cloud Migration Results:

  • Migrated 150+ enterprise applications to the Google Cloud in six months
  • Consolidated two separate data centers into one Cloud
  • Cloud based solution immediate improved business agility
  • Migration project was 100% successful with no disruption to the business 
  • GCP AT leverages Managecore CloudLINK to complete their full migration project and ManagecoreiT managed services support their enterprise applications

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    My team and I had confidence our Cloud migration was in the right hands with Managecore leading the project. Managecore delivered a complex Cloud migration project rapidly, on-time and on-budget with no disruption to our business.


    - Robyn McCall,

    Chief Information Officer, GCP Applied Technologies

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