NextGen Healthcare Success Story: 

Evolving patient experiences

with SAP® in the Google Cloud 


Read the case study of how NextGen Healthcare successfully runs SAP on Google Cloud with the help of Managecore to improve efficiency and speed within its databases and streamline financial management.

NextGen Healthcare recognized the importance of moving its SAP applications to a public cloud to achieve more intuitive, efficient experiences while reducing management workloads. It knew that it would need a best-in-breed cloud infrastructure provider along with the right partner to ensure high availability, accessibility, and security for its SAP apps.

“You could think of SAP as my high-performing, luxury car – one that provides stellar driving experiences and comfort when given the right care,” says Karen Bollinger, Vice President of Business Applications, NextGen Healthcare. “Given the importance of SAP to our business, we needed the best gas and mechanic around. Google Cloud infrastructure provides us with that best-in-breed gas, and Managecore continues to prove itself as the best mechanic around.”

“The level of service from Managecore is exceptional. They have a seasoned team of professionals who can answer all of our questions,” says Karen. “They also constantly give us suggestions to improve how we run our enterprise apps, along with strong economic and risk evaluations to proactively guide us.”

Managecore put in the time to understand NextGen Healthcare as deeply as possible so that they could speed responsiveness to requests. As a result, NextGen Healthcare is able to request tasks such as spinning up a sandbox, which can be completed in a day, as compared to three weeks in the company’s previous environment.


Read the full case study to get more details!

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Post Cloud Migration Results:

  • Enhances access to SAP applications through more secure, cloud-based infrastructure
  • Speeds business responsiveness with more agile infrastructure, spinning up a sandbox in one day instead of three weeks
  • Improves ability to scale database to support growth of SAP footprint
  • Cloud migration project enabled upgrade to SAP HANA, through a seamless and cost-efficient transition, delivering added capabilities

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    With the commitment of Managecore and the advanced Google Cloud solutions, we are prepared to continue optimizing our internal processes and further improve patient experiences.


    - Karen Bollinger,

    Vice President Business Applications, NextGen Healthcare

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